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Dedicated Server

Crazy Web Hosting has high-end Dedicated Servers for your business. We have the best Data Center and environment that deliver the best performance for your business and give you peace of mind above everything else. Powerful security, robust hardware, Crazy Web Hosting offers affordable Dedicated Servers for your business. You can create a robust ecosystem with our dedicated servers. We have built our servers in such a way that companies who need a secure environment to protect their data and backup can do so. We also offer Endless Support along with our Hosting Solutions. Crazy Web Hosting offers robust dedicated servers for your business to manage high end network traffic, website, portal or social networks. We have advanced configuration hardware so that you have the best website connectivity and fast site load time. Applications on our server are always updated so that you are using latest technology. If you think your business has expanded over the few years and you need a good hosting for your business, then you can opt for a dedicated server. As the name says, the server will be dedicated to your website and applications. Security of your critical data will be in safe hands on the dedicated server. Dedicated Server makes your hosting powerful as you can customize it. The processing power is yours only so all your processing workloads are fast.

Dual Core Atom 1.6GHz 2GB DDR2 500 GB SATA HDD 1 IP 100 TB $50/mo Order Now
Dual Xeon 5150 2.66GHz-2 proc GHz 16 GB DDR2 2*500GB SATA 5 IP 33 TB $130/mo Order Now
Opteron 2210 1.8GHZ-2 proc 16 GB DDR2 2*250GB SATA HDD 5 IP 33 TB $130/mo Order Now
Dual Xeon 5420 2.5 GHz-2 proc 16 GB DDR2 2*1TB SATA 5 IP 33 TB $150/mo Order Now
Dual Intel Xeon 5420 240 SSD 2.5GHz-2 proc 16 GB DDR2 240GB SSD 5 IP 33 TB $180/mo Order Now
Xeon 5520 2.26 GHz 16 GB DDR2 2*1TB SATA 5 IP 33 TB $200/mo Order Now
Dual Xeon 5520 3TB 2.26GHz-2 proc 24 GB DD3 2 TB SATA HDD 5 IP 33 TB $220/mo Order Now
Dual Xeon 5520 240GB SSD 2.26GHz-2 proc 24 GB DDR3 240 GB SSD 5 IP 33 TB $220/mo Order Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Dedicated server refers to exclusive use of all the resources such as RAM, CPU and Disk to a particular client. The resources will not be shared with other clients like in shared and VPS hosting. Nowadays servers are being replaced by cloud server, but still there is a need for dedicated hosting. Dedicated servers are preferred by many companies over cloud hosting due to security, complete control over the hard ware, specific hard ware requirement.

There is no limitation on the number of Email accounts or website hosted by you. Your dedicated box can be fully utilized by you. You can add as many websites as possible by you based on your convenience.

All the servers provided by us comes pre-installed with RAID and it can be changed in offering the different RAID options. The servers that we provide can support RAID 0,1, 5,6 and 10. The maximum safety of the data can be achieved with RAID 10. If you are looking for a good safety as well as more storage you can go with an option of RAID 6.

You can avail discounts from 44% - 55% on the plans and packages. You might feel that our prices are higher than other companies of US, but it's not true. We provide many outstanding feature with our dedicated server packages such as a Free control panel worth Rs.7200, you will get an excellent support, Indian server and Indian data center for better performance, most secured servers in the industry and the list goes on

Yes, we will assist you in adding extra storage in you dedicated server plan. If you require we will add extra disk space as well on your server or we will migrate your server within Indian data center.

Yes, we do provide SSD drive for the server, with that you will be getting a 15K RPM high speed drive. This is the best combination as it provides the maximum speed which is required for running the web applications.

There will be no limitation on the number of email accounts that can be hosted by you. You will provided the freedom to utilise the full server for yourself. You will also be given the freedom to add as many number of websites according to your business needs.

There are many ways, We can help you with your dedicated hosting plans. We can add some extra hard disk for you if possible, Otherwise we can migrate your dedicated hosting within Indian data center. .

Yes, When you purchase server from us you will be given root access. If you want more information on the root access you can check our welcome email. Full information will be provided to you about root access.