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  • Disk Space 35 GB
  • Bandwidth 500 GB
  • Ram Burstable 1 GB
  • CPU Quadcore
  • IP Adress 1
  • Free Domain Reseller
Starting At
  • Disk Space 60 GB
  • Bandwidth 1000 GB
  • Ram Burstable 1.5 GB
  • CPU Quadcore
  • IP Adress 1
  • Free Domain Reseller
Starting At
  • Disk Space 80 GB
  • Bandwidth 1500 GB
  • Ram Burstable 2 GB
  • CPU Quadcore
  • IP Adress 1
  • Free Domain Reseller
Starting At
  • Disk Space 100 GB
  • Bandwidth 2000 GB
  • Ram Burstable 3GB
  • CPU Quadcore
  • IP Adress 1
  • Free Domain Reseller

Virtual Private Server (VPS Server)

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a hosting environment that provides unique VPS configuration for businesses. Each Virtual server acts an independent sever that provides a private and secure area. Crazy Web Hosting has the most advanced technologies when it comes to Web Servers. Organizations can control their own Virtual Servers without affecting performance or uptime of the server. VPS is a virtual machine that has many capabilities and has the features of a physical server which enable clients to install OS and applications which suit their needs. VMM (Virtual Machine Monitor) - a hypervisor - runs on a physical server to share and handle various environments on the same physical device. This enables clients to handle the installation or uninstallation of OS and perform some tasks like rebooting the allocated server. Such virtualized spaces are software defined and thus can be easily created and configured as per your needs. We at Crazy Web Hosting, have clients in various sectors which include education, banking, manufacturing, airline industry etc. These clients have helped us understand their needs to expand their business and we have not only been able to help them but also deliver customized VPS plans to them. VPS Servers are meant for those business which require high level of security and more control due to their strict policies. Crazy Web Hosting has everything that client needs. VPS Servers have excellent performance as we do not support overselling so you can be assured of it. We have a team of certified technicians to help you with any problem whenever you need us. We guarantee 99.99% server uptime for our VPS hosting services.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no limitation on the number of Email accounts or website hosted by you. Your server can be fully utilized by you. You can add as many websites as possible by you based on your convenience.

This is a very good question. In fact, this is the unique features available with VPS. We can proudly and very confidently say that, Our VPS plans in India are more secure than any other competitors. You can buy our servers with more confident on security.

We give up to 44% ~ 55% discount on the price listed in our website. You may get lesser price from other companies hosted in USA. There are many things, you have to consider, We provide free control panel worth Rs. 7200 + Get better support + Indian Data center + Secure Server and the list goes on...

There are many ways, We can help you with your vps hosting plans. We can add some extra hard disk for you if possible, Otherwise we can migrate your vps hosting within Indian data center.

We provide SSD drive for your server with an option of combination of SSD and 15K RPM high speed drive. These SSD and 15K RPM combination provides the maximum speed required for your web applications. We do not use any cheap hard disk(We never SATA drive)

All our servers come pre-installed with RAID and can be changed to offer different RAID options. Our servers can support RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 or 10. If you want to have maximum safety for your data, then you can go with RAID 10 and at the same time, if you want to good safety for your data and then more storage, we suggest you to go with RAID 6.

Yes, we provide full backup for all the websites which is hosted on our server. You can restore the full website or a particular file without any charges. Our support team will help you in this.

No,You can install and use any software you want in Linux and in Windows OS, you need to pay for the license if required. You can install and use any software as long as it is legal and NOT used for illegal activity.

You can perform administration task using SSH access on Linux servers or RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) for Windows vps servers. For any further assistance, please contact our support team./p>